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The International Experts Network (IEN) is a platform for ISES members to present their expertise and knowledge to a broader community through a publicly accessible and searchable database. ISES members are leading researchers, scientists, consultants, energy practitioners and industry leaders representing broad range of technical and organisational knowledge.  IEN allows users to search for the best experts for their projects, studies, market evaluations and other purposes. The network brings together those who offer expertise with those who are searching for experts in the renewable energy fields.  The areas of expertise listed here cover a broad range of technical topics, organisation skills and geographic competence.

ISES provides this searchable database as a free service to anyone looking for experts. The experts listed here are Professional (Individual) and Corporate (Large & Small Companies & Institutions). The expert members are responsible for the content listed in the IEN database. Users of IEN acknowledges that postings by member experts are not endorsed by the ISES, and shall not be considered to have been reviewed, screened or approved by ISES.Please read the IEN  terms and conditions here for more information.  

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Job Vacancies from Corporate Members
Areas of Expertise
Solar Architecture and Building Integration
Net Zero Energy Buildings & Passive Buildings
Rational Use of Energy and Energy Storage in Buildings
Building Materials & Components
Advanced HVAC
Building Integrated PV
Solar Heating & Cooling
Solar Domestic Hot Water & Combisystems
Solar Collectors and Hybrid Collectors
Solar Cooling & Air Conditioning
Solar District Heating and Cooling
Solar Heat for Industrial & Commercial Applications
Thermal Energy Storage
Photovoltaics Modules & Systems
Photovoltaics Materials
Photovoltaics Cells
Concentrated PV
Grid-integrated PV Systems
Renewable Energy Grid Integration
Electricity Storage & Distribution
Hydrogen - Chemical Energy Storage and Fuels
Fuel Cells
Energy Efficiency & Conservation
Smart Energy Systems
Rural Energy Supply & Distributed Renewable Energy Systems
Energy Acccess
Solar Cooking and Food Processing
Strategies and Policies
Climate Change
Renewable Energy Financing
Community Power
Solar Cities
Renewable Energy Transportation & Fuels
Energy Meteorology
Renewable Energy Resource Assessment & Climate
Solar Radiation Availability & Variability
Wind energy
Geothermal Energy & Heat Pumps
Hydro Power
Ocean Energy: Tidal and Wave Power
Org / Adm / Service
Project Managament
Systems Integration
Education and Training
Marketing and Commercialisation
Media & Public Relations
Organisational Development
Southern Africa
Western Africa
Eastern Africa
Northern Africa
Central Africa
North America
South America
Central American
Central Asia
Eastern Asia
Southern Asia
South-Eastern Asia
Western Asia/ Middle East
Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
Australia & New Zealand
Pacific Region/Oceania